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We provide best local SEO services for small level business that helps to track local area customers, increase search results higher ranking and visibility on Google my business listing when a user looks any local area service.

A top local SEO company in India helps small business increase their online search visibility in their regional area and generate more business sales, customer quarries compared to businesses those are not doing local SEO optimization. To spread small business among local area customers companies require to be more visible for relevant online search quarries and that’s all where local SEO brings us results.

To improve business, JI Web Technologies provides customized small businesses SEO services to bring sure the company attract lots of customers, sales and authority on Google search engines. Our affordable local SEO packages has made with all result driven features of local search optimization that you may need to scale the services.


Along with the increasing the online organic traffic, small business SEO services assists hike more visibility on Google Maps so that the more customers can search to find and reach your small business. Affordable local SEO services India improve your brand popularity and even if you are new to the online platform, it helps you stand among your competitors and generate more sales.

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Local SEO Services – What is it and how does it work?

Our strategical SEO for small business in India bring your local business with big result, drives organic traffic, keywords ranking, improves buisness sales.

Local SEO services is a very ideal way for small business those are doing business in their local area or city. From improving on Google My Business to increase local traffic to your website, our local SEO strategy covers all aspects that boost your business ahead of the competitors.

If your business is optimized with local search keywords that related to services, products or location it happens much easy for customers to find and reach you and make contact for their requirement. Local SEO company follows optimizing strategy by doing website content optimization with local keywords, make listing on number of local business directories, create relevant content to post and outreach and apply NAP details (Name, Address and Phone) at all locations.

When all these things are get set up with right process, search engines start ranking the website and you will be able to get more sales response from potential customers. Whether you are doing complete offline business or you plan to sell using website, our optimization strategy brings your business on right track of improvement.

How Much Pricing for Local SEO Service does a SEO Company Charge?

JI Web Technologies – is one of the best Indian SEO company that offers small businesses SEO that is quality with affordable local SEO packages that are result driven, future focused and very reliable for your business. Most SEO companies India charge hundreds of dollars for website or business optimization for your local area tracking, but keep in mind to help small business owners, JI Web Technologies provides you all the services at affordable price that is starts with $125/month.

When you decide and go for a professional local SEO package, you are no need to be worry about anything to manage. Our SEO experts will take care of everything and support you improve the business transaction. No matter whatever local SEO plan you choose, our SEO team delivers on time work progress report of the ongoing activities so that you would be able to explore how your business is being improved online.

Instead hiring in-house work resources for doing local SEO, it is much convenient, affordable and great idea to take the complete SEO packages for local SEO optimization. Our skilled SEO professionals from the best local SEO Company help you improve your local business with effective output.

Our Local SEO Services are Included

Our local seo services in India are included:-

  • Understanding Your Local Business.
  • Website Technical SEO Analysis and Fix the issues.
  • Website SEO Optimization.
  • Location-wise Page Review and Analysis.
  • Google My Business (GMB) Page Optimization.
  • Local Citations and directory Listings.
  • Link Building for quality backlinks.

Understanding Your Local Business

Before taking any step to do optimize it is first thing to understand what is your business, whether you provide any service or selling online any product and which location you target all we go in detail so that we can prepare the strategy accordingly focusing on technical SEO, keywords research, content optimization, local directory listing and citations.

Website Technical SEO Analysis and Fix the issues

Whether it is local SEO or national SEO or looking website attractive but technical analysis is very essential to know all issues those are need to examine and fixed. We take carry all necessary factors including NAP optimization, image alt tags, heading tags, content optimization, schema markup along with business reviews, directory listing, citations. Once you make decide to take our any local SEO plan, we start to carry all activities that matters most to your business improve. After all these, it becomes easy for your potential customers to find your business on local search as well as on Google map search results.

Website SEO Optimization

To rank high on local search results and in general business directory listing sites a website should be well optimized. For your website we act a detail audit program in which we do fix all major and important factors like meta tags, web page content, heading tags, images, mobile responsive and other aspects. Our SEO marketing team boost your website performance by doing the require changes. Apart from Google our website optimization also help you drive more results from other search engines. We also keep your website up to date as per Google and search engines algorithm changes. So that we make sure your website always found by visitors with target keywords.

Location-Based Page Analysis

Local SEO is little difference from the normal practice and page wise SEO acts an important role in business improvement. We analysis your all pages, contact us page and other business targeted pages to make sure good customer experience. If your website don’t have any local business page, our experts add specific business page and optimize it as per industry standard search engine friendly that provides better user experience to your visitors.

GMB Page Optimization

Optimizing Google My Business listing is also important like your website pages. Just as a local SEO company India we make sure your GMB listing page generates equal business scopes like your website pages. With positive customer reviews, the right business information and adding all important citations your business is all set to generate more customers and sales.

From manage categories and sub categories of your business to list with right timings and write an SEO friendly description adding labels, logo, banner, citations, address, we optimize GMB page to get more views and genuine leads those are interested to take services from you.

Local Citations and Listings

Citations play very important role in local search as they help search engines to track business information, locations, phone of your business. If the same business data of a company appear on number high DA relevant sites, then Google feels trust that your company is professional, honest in nature of business which is genuine for customer services. So, here we list your business detail on high quality business directory sites adding location citations.

Our local SEO plan is included all important local citations to list on listing sites so your business won’t lack on any business opportunity. Having right citations and quality listings help your business to be appear on search results as well as able to find by visitors outside Google also which is the great advantages for you.

Link Building for quality backlinks

Quality link building to create backlinks is still important and remains top priority among competitors whether it is SEO or local SEO optimization for a website. Our SEO expert team create high quality back links to strengthen your backlink profile with high DA links and business review sites. Applying 100% white hat SEO tricks and industry practice, we drive quality organic traffic from number of trusted online sources. Backlinks play as a major factor for your website and we make sure to get genuine business leads. We work in associated with partners those are provide relevant link building services for your business. Our team follows best strategies and advance technique to increase your backlink profile.

What Does Local SEO Company Serve For Your Small Business?

Whatever you sell or provide services, local SEO Company helps to find the potential customers those are searching what they are looking for. With the right keywords optimization, you can improve your customers by making it easy for your potential customers to reach you. It helps in bringing local business leads, website traffic and it also assist to boost brand popularity among local area.

JI Web Technologies – top local SEO Company in India, helps you increase local visibility in an organic way that can flow high targeted traffic by applying advance optimization tactics. With a local SEO, the potential customers are more likely to get services from you as it is established as professional in local area market. With positive customer reviews and ratings, you are on top rank when someone searches for services or products that you provide.

Local SEO helps grow you search visibility in your particular location and hence produces higher leads for your business. Your listing on Google and other search engines play important role to get more local customers.

When your local listing gets rank high on search engine sites, normally visitors click and direct visit your website right from the search result listings so it means you are getting more targeted traffic which is more interested in sense to buy your products or services. It increased traffic from the local list is highly targeted traffic which can bring more profit in less effort.

At JI Web Technologies, our SEO marketing team optimized your business on number of listing sites that you likely never miss a potential customer and get a higher conversion rate and traffic. Even if you have different business branches in different local area Google local SEO also able to drive more traffic as per location based search ranking listed on its search results.

To enhance your business visibility on Google map the first step is you need to create your company listing on it so that it can be optimized by adding relevant information and manage reviews, pictures and more. It gets more push up by Google algorithms if there are more relevant information is added. Here we can help you boosting your visibility on Google map by optimizing appropriate information like NAP (Name, Address, and Phone), business description and more require data. Build a local business reputation on Google Map with an optimized GMB profile and need to know about increase Google Map visibility contact JI Web Technologies as best local SEO Company in India for small level Business.

Business brand reputation is developing over a month of time and it needs your constant engagement. Manage positive reviews on your GMB profile (Google My Business) are crucial to stay relevant in business. We at JI Web Technologies is to help you build your online reputation giving effort to it.

We make sure that all the negative reviews are checked and fixed to stand your business profile trusted, genuine and professional for your customers. Positive reviews make a sudden effect on the buying behavior of customers and the chances are they may visit and contact you to buy your services or products.

How we different from others?

Our local SEO services India can help to boost your local search performance with high returns of invest. We always come in believing to provide best and local areas optimize service to stand out a website among millions over internet search engines. Our strategy is quite difference than any one, we never step up local SEO optimization strategy without analysis NAP, industry, GMB, reviews, citations, local directory listing on relevant and trust worthy sites.

Best Local SEO Company India Makes Different in Work Strategy

  • 1Guaranteed top ranking
    We are specialized in offering small business SEO services for higher top ranking search results, Google my business listing and optimization, local customers reviews, local directory to bring you best result.
  • 2Competition Research
    We can analyze your local market better in order to find out the keywords that people usually search for, competitors those are standing against you in search engine result pages.
  • 3Detail Reporting
    We will report you all ongoing activities, website traffic statistics to let you know website Google search ranking, user behaviors, organic traffic analytic, Goal seek, next plan of action, Social media inside in detail.
  • 4Friendly Support
    We are best local SEO Company in Bhubaneswar, India which provides friendly client support to keep business updated. We follow to response by phone, Skype chat or whatsApp chat and email support.
  • 5Less pricing, Stays long time ranking
    Our local SEO service for small type business has kept simple in business nature while we provide with top level of SEO optimization work features in our SEO price packages. We offer long time benefits of local search optimization at low pricing.
Expertise in Local Business Sector
  • Home Services - Gardening, Landscape, Air Conditioning, Heating, Inverter, Pest Control, Plumber, Electricians
  • Beauty & Fitness - Gym, Salon, Spa, Bridal Makeup, Massage Center
  • Transport & Tourism-Taxi Hire, Travel Agency, Tour Operator
  • Home Delivery - Vegitables, Fishes, Flowers, Cakes, Tiffins and Groceries
  • Health Care - Doctors, Dentist, Physiotherapy, Clinics, Nurshing and Yoga Center
  • Construction - Contractors, Rennovation, Painting and Interior
  • Education - Coaching Center, Institutions and tutors
  • Art & culter - Wedding & Event Planner, Music Studio, Photographer, Video
  • Hotel & Night life - Hotels, Guest House, Restaurant, Bar, Wine shop, Pub and Disco
  • Real Estate & Property - Real Estate, Residence/Plot Sale/Buy, House Rental/PG
  • Finance - Finance, Insurance Agency, Loan Broker
  • Others - Automotive, Packer & Movers, Legal, Pets, Art & Crafts

Get Listed on Google local 3 pack / Map search in 5 Easy Steps:

Customers those are looking a relevant business listing to appear on search results Google’s Local 3 packs update is beneficial for them. To optimize your business for Google map or local 3 pack is a best way to drive more customers from local area. Following are the described ways to get listed and easily ranked.

  • Choosing the correct category
  • Complete profile and claim it
  • Audit your information
  • A little promotion helps
  • Keep optimizing it

Choosing the correct category

First one thing while you should keep in mind is list your business under appropriate category. Most of people are saved from getting significant traffic because of adding in irrelevant category. Always select to list business in perfect match category and subcategory.

Complete profile and claim it

Once you register your business under the right category, you should make claim and verify listing on Google and then you can manage listings, reviews, images and more for your business. if you have different branch offices then it is vital that all the branch locations are claimed by you. It supports in gaining a higher rank and producing more trustworthy among the people.

Audit your information

To get position in Google local 3 pack, the search bot looks for right information that is same to found all platform. Look out in detail about NAP correctly added and active for customers and if you have any duplicate listings you need to delete them or mark them as closed to get more improvement.

A little promotion helps

GMB listing can be promote in many ways if customers give support in this, ask your customers to give positive reviews and rating for your listing. The more 5 star rating reviews they give, the more chances for appearing in 3 pack is possible.

Keep optimizing it

If you need to change anything like name, phone number and address in your business information then you should keep optimize and update all of your listed platforms. This makes you ensure you are not going to lose customers just because of it.

Affordable Local SEO Services for Small Business

With ever-update search engine algorithm and day by day growing competition, it is important to think and take action right now. The more early you start optimize your website, the faster results you will able to get to outperform your competitors. We at JI Web Technologies have made you engaged with affordable SEO services for small business. With our professional experience in seo for small business, we are here to bring your business online search visible.

Now it is time to get start with a local SEO company and boost online present. Achieve authority and trust with JI Web Technologies. Whether you are going to start or already in business, get in touch with us and do invest in your small business that will take to next level of success.

Our Local SEO Plan & Pricing

Starter Plan

125$ / mo

  • Up To 10 Keywords
  • Time Frame- 2 To 4 Months
  • Keywords on Top 10
    Guarantee* 20%
Detail Package

Standard Plan

200$ / mo

  • Up To 15 Keywords
  • Time Frame- 2 To 4 Months
  • Keywords on Top 10
    Guarantee* 25%
Detail Package

Executive Plan

250$ / mo

  • Up To 20 Keywords
  • Time Frame- 2 To 4 Months
  • Keywords on Top 10
    Guarantee* 30%
Detail Package

Business Plan

300$ / mo

  • Up To 25 Keywords
  • Time Frame- 2 To 4 Months
  • Keywords on Top 10
    Guarantee* 40%
Detail Package

Let’s Start with Best Local SEO Company To Improve Online Search Visibility

We assist you increase your online search visibility and produce more customers with the help of right practices. As a best local SEO company India for small business, we have been delivering continuous growth results for the past years. Get in touch with us to know how we do these practices that will benefit for your business. We are all set to go with SEO for small business, now is the right time to get started with our local SEO services. Contact us now and start your business growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should i start Local SEO?

    Local SEO plays a crucial role in getting that phone ringing. If your business is locally present then local SEO can help you get the local presence & traffic. More traffic will mean more enquarries & more enquarries will more business.

  • Can i customize my local SEO plan if i require it?

    No, Local SEO plans can not be customized as these have been designed to achieve top positions in Google listings along with search results. if ez rankings customize these then we might have to compromize with % of guarantee promised.

  • Do you have a minimum term on your contracts?

    No, we at ez rankings do not offer any minimum contract. we firmly believe that one should be free to continue with promotional activities without any obligations. However, the suggested time frame is between 2 to 6 months or above depending upon the competition of keywords and industry targeted.

  • How long before i see local seo results?

    2 months! At Ez rankings , you can expect to see positive movements from 3rd months onwards.

  • There are any guarantees for results?

    Yes, every plan comes with guarantees. The higher the plan we opt for, more is % of guarantee. please refer to the packages section for more details.